We Dove In!

I sure hope you came to the Dive Inn gig on January 28th because it was GREAT! A lot of people and a lot of fun.

Thanks to everyone who came. The Dive Inn is an excellent spot on Broadway – you’ll enjoy the great atmosphere, billiards, ping-pong, patios, great food.. can’t go wrong. There’s even boat seating.

We played a “specially-tailored set list” (ie. every damn song we know), and we SO fortunate to have Hazel Miller join us on several songs. She was perfect on “Jackson” – singing the pithy “wife’s” verses, including this favorite:

They’ll laugh at you in Jackson, and I’ll be dancin’ on a Pony Keg
They’ll lead you ’round town like a scalded hound,
With your tail tucked between your legs,
Yeah, go to Jackson, you big-talkin’ man
And I’ll be waitin’ in Jackson, behind my Jaypan Fan

Hazel also knocked out Sweet Home Chicago! She’s fantastic. Be sure to catch her around town.