About the Bones




Ted Parks and Doug Hunley have known each other since somewheres around the 3rd grade. We started playing guitars together in high school… and the rest is history. Well, sort of. After a short 38+ year hiatus we “got the band back together” to send some of our favorite tunes out into the world. We love the TWANG of early country, and the ROCK-N-ROLLIN’ of early… well, rock-n-rollin’.

Ted and Doug were very lucky to have found drummer Rick Thornberry – a solid backbone to every style we play. Rick has been an active band musician for many more years than Doug and Ted put together, so… as I said, we’re lucky to have him.

It’s so rewarding to see folks come and enjoy this music with us. We hope to meet you there!

Holly Ridge Elementary in Denver, where the Bones began. Sort of.

The school when we attended.